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Missing condom machines found near Asaram ashram

09, Sep 2013 By smartovi

Jodhpur. The controversial self-styled godman Asaram who is recently in news because of sexually assaulting a minor girl at a ashram near Jodhpur, is again making headlines after missing condom machines found near his Ashram.

Condemned Machine mistakenly considered as condom machine.

After coming of CAG report that 90% of condom machines installed at different public places have gone missing, govt launched massive hunt of finding condom machines for proving the CAG report wrong.

News is coming in from the Jodhpur, that several missing condom machine found near Asaram ashram leads a huge outrage on social media and people started making fun of Asaram on Twitter and Facebook.

The die hard followers of Asaram condemned such news, one of his follower told faking news that, “The media is publishing wrong news and it is the plan of govt for disgracing the image of Asaram, he even dont know what is condom? Even i heard the word condom for first time.”

Later it was discovered that the found machins is not condom machine but its a condemned and obsolete machinery thrown near Asaram Ashram mistakenly considered as condom machine.