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Missing Coalgate files found in N D Tiwari's hidden folders

22, Aug 2013 By mukund0511

Under fire since last week over the Coalgate scam, the Government today heaved a sigh of relief as the CBI managed to retrieve all the missing files from veteran Congressman, N D Tiwari’s personal laptop.

Tiwari, a troubled old man.
Tiwari, a troubled old man.

According to CBI sources, five special teams were formed and dispatched overnight to the former Uttarakhand CM’s Dehradun residence, following a SMS tip received yesterday.

“A preliminary search for the files on Mr. Tiwari’s laptop ended in vain.” Mr. B S Raman, Deputy Inspector General, CBI said. “We were almost about to give him our usual clean chit.”, he added, explaining that the actual breakthrough came much later.

“We knew something was amiss when a folder of size 3.25 GB had no visible files inside. It took our IT expert nearly four hours to sift all the hidden subfolders. Of the 257 coalgate files that went missing, 137 were found at D:/Tiwari/New Folder/RajBhavan/ABNAndhraJyothi/HiddenCam/ and the remaining 120 at D:/Tiwari/CM/UP/New Folder2/Fun/MMS/.“, Raman told a news conference here.

Interestingly, Mr. Tiwari was not present at his residence during the entire search operation, giving rise to speculations that he may have disappeared fearing arrest.

His spokesperson was quick to put the rumors to rest. “It is a well-known fact that Mr. Tiwari, as a matter of principle, does not celebrate two occasions – Father’s Day and Raksha Bandhan. His vanishing act today has more to do with Rakhi than anything else. He will address the press tomorrow to clear the air.”, he said.

When contacted over phone, Mr. Tiwari, from an undisclosed location, insisted that he was a victim of political conspiracy hatched by his opponents.

Unconfirmed sources say that the mobile number used for sending the SMS tip belonged to one Rohit Shekhar hailing from Delhi.