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Misconception of Cash-on-Delivery scheme, traffic jam at child delivery centers

20, Aug 2014 By Manish Aneja

Ghaziabad. While the country is already battling the increased population, e-commerce sites have created more chaos and blunder in Indian population register after announcing Cash on Delivery schemes.

One such bizarre case came to light when a couple who were supposed to reach an abortion cottage in Dadri, near Ghaziabad dropped their plan after the intello girl visited and and found some luring Cash on Delivery schemes.


She called up her Live-in partner who is a known smacky and explained him about the tempting scheme. The boy who was already running out of pocket and wandering from friend to friend for arranging the money for abortion, jumped in excitement after knowing the COD scheme, but fell flat on his face later due to dry intoxication.

The Smacky thought this scheme is in-line with “Beti Bachao Abhiyaan” but regardless of the gender. The boy took the puffed girl to a known “Janan Kendra” to encash her pregnancy and feeling proud of his masculinity.

Two other schemes like ‘Cashback’ and ‘Unconditional return’ were also dominating the satanic thoughts of the upcoming mother, while she was on her way to ‘Jila Janan Kendra’. As soon as the couple reached the delivery centre, they started feeling themselves poor after they saw teens waiting for their own delivery to earn cash and return the item(baby) in case of any defect.

Faking News reporter whose wife is also pregnant got on phone with Gynecologist of the delivery center, told us that, illegal lovers now a days are very happy, making out of their impatient activities, but there is disappointment waiting for them at delivery centers after they combat the truth of COD scheme which is applicable on online shopping and not on their age-related bewildered desires.