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Minority status to rich Indians

30, Jan 2014 By Kannan

Led by the richest Indian living in India, Mukesh Ambani, a group of industrialists and businessmen today met the Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh and submitted a memorandum demanding them to include in minorities.

Mr. Narayan Murthy, apparently chosen as spokesperson of the group has explained how in the country of more than one billion people, rich people having assets more than one billion are in fact, less than one hundred.

“Whatever we do, we were criticized. When there is a boom in stock market, we were criticized for amassing the wealth. When the markets are down, again we were targeted for bad management”, he continued, “Coming to personal lives, we cannot even to go multiplexes or malls for fear of being mobbed or kidnapped.”

He continued: “We demand a special entrance at multiplexes, airports and other public places. We demand z+ category security funded by Government, so that when the markets are down, we can still afford our regular lifestyles. We are the real minority in the country and secular. We rich people of India belong to all religions and regions and are minority in all places. We demand ten percent cabinet positions reserved for us and we shall be allowed to pick portfolios of our choice, irrespective of which party is in power. Anyway, we contribute to funds of all parties and so we don’t expect any opposition from the opposition parties.”

Our unreliable sources report that the cabinet is seriously giving a thought and after getting consent of Rahul Gandhi, an ordinance will be passed. However, as a reciprocating action, Government is expecting that the minority business houses shall accommodate one nominated person in their respective boards, nominated by Government. Only rider in the process seems to be Mr. Rahul Gandhi himself, who is contemplating to declare all communities in India as minority communities, which the Government feels is difficult to implement.