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Minority group - Rich people - are feeling threatened in India

21, Jul 2015 By linus13

Why do we always pick on the minority in this country? Open the newspaper today and there’s another story that blatantly picks on another minority group. This time the focus is on the ‘poor’ Rich minority of the country.

The few Rich people in the country almost make this minority group an endangered species, and we still subjugate them to continuous harassment. This is very unfair on the part of the public in general and the media in particular. The media keeps raking up issues that concern the rich. It’s like they have a special agenda to oppress the Rich Minority of this great nation. That is discrimination. They’ve gone so far as to survey how many of the Rich minority have gone to the gallows as against the Poor majority. Seriously folks, if the judiciary shows a bit of leniency towards the minority group you have a problem?

Conflicts within the Rich Minority are also rampant, further weakening their solidarity. We have the less rich trying to corner the more rich. Maran has a grouse against the Anil Ambani group being favored by the government. Really, haven’t you heard about special quotas for the minority, Mr. Maran? Tut tut.

Then there is the other minority group that is in the newspapers every day. Though a subset of the Rich minority, they need an individual mention because of the excessive oppression they face at the hands of the media and public. This minority is the Politician group. We relentlessly harass them, not allowing a minutes respite, doggedly tracing their every move, looking for the slightest reason to attack them. When will we learn to leave them alone to their design, without hounding them all the time? Sushma does a good deed by letting Lalit be at his ailing wife’s bedside; we have a problem. What if the politicians help a few people pass some exams? Is all this furor over a minor deviation in protocol really necessary?

But thank god for a great judicial system that will not let these minority groups be victimized. Justice will prevail. It is only the judiciousness of the judiciary that allowed Jayalalitha, a severely oppressed woman from the Politician Minority, to get out of prison. Yes! We are such a callous nation that we don’t spare even the women of the minority groups. Besides minority oppression, we are also perpetrators of crime against women.

Shame on us.