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Minister blames boys for rapes, urges to promote "male foeticide" and "sex change drives" of living males

16, Jul 2014 By Akash

Musdarabad,U.P: Since past 2-3 years people have been hearing bizarre solutions of preventing rapes by politicians and self-styled organizations. These solution includes banning short dresses by girls, non-veg food, mobile phones and chowmein.

Recently young Indians started feeling that they are done with reacting to such comments and now they don’t give a f**k about such politicians and there solutions to rapes. Even Arnab Goswami has now stopped shouting on such politicians and debating on such issues.

But today morning Indians have witnessed a real shocker comment by Mr. Atmaram, a minister of Khali-Baithi Party, a party who recently changed his name after recent  poll debacle. He said Boys/Males are the sole responsible cause of rapes and no other solution is as perfect as male foeticide and sex change of unmarried males.

Today early in the morning Mr. Atmaram called a press conference for condemnation of weird rape solutions by his counterparts across various parties and for suggesting a perfect solution to rapes. Media and people were quite excited about it as rarely a leader comes forward publicly to condemn such comments and to suggest a solution. Whole nation’s attention was on this press-conference.

Mr. Atmaram said,“I have been hearing really bizarre and sick solutions to rape from my fellow mates . I publicly condemn such comments and demands an apology from them.” He managed to get a clap from the media around. Then he continued, “I have been deeply observing and analyzing rape cases from past 15 years. In these deep researching years of mine I find that boys and unmarried males are the sole reason behind rapes.” A deep silence spread across the people present there. He continued,“I urge our government and other institutions to layout a plan for complete elimination of males from our society. They should set a target of next 10 years for this great service to humanity. And by 2025 no males should be present in our society. I think killing the living ones would be inhuman so I urge for “male foeticide” and sex change drives for unmarried males. Married men should be exempted from this as male foeticide will take care of that and married ones have less tendency to rape. This unprecedented move will give freedom to girls and they can live, roam and dress freely as they want.”

He also said that he has submitted a copy of his report of “Rape Cause Analysis” and solutions to President of India. He was quite confident that lower and higher house will pass this law unanimously.

Meanwhile young ones and Arnab Goswami are so outraged about these comments that they again started giving a f**k about it. Every national party has condemned this proposal of Mr. Atmaram heavily on newshour and social media. Arvind Kejriwal is planning a dharna consisting only males in front of Atmaram’s residence. Also confirmed reports of stone pelting on minister’s house are coming across.

Mr. DhaniSingh president of Khali-Baithi Party faking news, “Hamari party Atmaram Ji se puri tarah sehmat hai. Unke is sughaye upaye se rape naam ki cheez hi khatam ho jayegi aur hame bhi kuch kaam mila jayega waise bhi hum khali hi baithe rehte hain.(Our party is completely in sync with Mr. Atmaram’s view. His suggestion will surely eliminate rape from our society and we will also get something to do as we have nothing else to do.)”

Considering rising protests among boys and their girlfriends across the nation NDA is planning to ban “Khali-Baithi Party”. Internal sources of NDA confirmed this to Faking News.