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Minister bans bikinis, country hails the modern reformist minister

02, Jul 2014 By bholainsaan

“Why are bikinis required on beaches? During the earlier days, there were no bikinis. I remember even till 90s, people were not wearing bikinis on beaches.” – Modern Revolutionist Nudin Phavalikar supporting the cause of nude beaches by banning bikinis.
Naga sadhus supporting the ban on bikinis. They are not engineers.

Goa’s Public Works Department minister Nudin Phavalikar has announced a ban on bikini on Goa beaches. This has led to cornucopia of delight among all the beach lovers who could not wait to go for a nude sunbath on the beach. Applauding Mr Nudhin Phavallakar’s decision, many groups of  3rd year btech students from all over the country are planning to visit Goa as last time they could not see the “complete natural beauty” because of obtrusive bikini. But now that the bikinis are banned, people will be able to walk under the sun in the manner God made them to be.

No more uncomfortable bikinis
No more uncomfortable bikinis. Walk as God made us to be.

Phavalikar’s view has left an unprecedented impact on history as for the first time after Lokpal Bill, old political rivals BJP and Congress party seems to have an agreement. One group of BJP spokesperson also demanded a ban on all kinds of cloths on Ganga ghats of Banaras citing the example of long tradition of Naga Sadhus who abdicated clothes long time ago.

Echoing similar views a Congress spokesperson claimed in a colorful vocabulary that if this decision were made 70 years back then Mahatma Gandhi would have abdicated the remaining pieces of loincloth too representing the poorest section of our society which has been created and nurtured by the oldest party of this country.

But as happens in any democracy not every one is happy with it. Expressing his views Madhya Pradesh home minister Bululal Gaur told reporters that wearing bikini is sometimes right and only sometimes wrong while refusing to give any more clarification. His neighbor TMC MP Hapas Haul has warned to teach each one a lesson who wears anything but nothing at beaches. Mr Hauls’ wife apologized immediately for being his wife.

Bikni ke chaar mein Neta bik gaye hain
Bikni ke chaar mein Neta bik gaye hain – Kejriwal

Famous anarchist Kerjriwall blamed government of promoting MNCs making sunscreen lotion while forgetting about the poor bikini making weaver community whose main occupation was weaving bikinis.

In a remotely related incident street loafers have welcomed the “whistle blower” act. They sad that this act has given them the constitutional right of blowing whistle when girls/women/cows/dogs dress provocatively. While none of them has bother to read the details of act citing unfamiliarity with alphabets, they were  convinced that western cloths are destroying our culture hence wearing no clothes at beaches will  save our culture from pernicious foreign influence.

Once again our country is indebted to the greatness of politicians like Mr. Phavalikar.