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Military uniform the Pak army was wearing was 'Made in China'

07, Aug 2013 By The One

In another twist to the on-going events at the western borders it has come to the notice of the CBI (Please do not ask why CBI, and not RAW or  for that matter IB, has got to do with this) that the uniform the Pakistani troops were wearing was ‘Made in China’.

This startling revelation has given strength to the statement by the Defence Minister earlier that the attackers were in fact terrorists dressed as Pakistani troops. “You can very well see that I was right”, said a visibly delighted Defence Minister to the media persons, “This conclusively proves that no Pakistani soldier was involved in this. If they were Pakistani soldiers they would not be wearing this Chinese stuff after all the aid they get from USA. They indeed were poor terrorists that have no money left with them after being DRONED regularly by the USA and have to make do with poor Chinese stuff.”

On being asked why on earth would China make any Pakistani uniforms, the Minister replied, “Why wouldn’t they? It is an open economy today. Do they not make Diwali decoration lights that we all use? See it is a simple case of ‘Demand and Supply’ and Mr. Chidambaram will be the right person to ask this about.”

Meanwhile, BJP has attacked the Government saying because of the weakness of the Government, China from one side and Pakistani-Terrorist-in-Chinese-made-Pakistani-uniforms from the other  are attacking the sovereignty of India that was earlier tested badly when 65 MPs’ shot off a letter to the USA President asking him to deny Narendra Modi a visa. Had they been in power this would not have happened. On being what did they think of the latest attack-Was it a terrorist attack or a planned Pakistani attack, the BJP spokesperson said, “Of course it was a Pakistan army attack. No one could dare do such things to our soldiers if NDA (OK. Whatever is left of it) was ruling this country”. On being reminded that it was NDA reign when Indian soldiers were killed by Bangladeshi soldiers in West Bengal the spokesperson opined that maybe these intruders this time around were terrorists and not Pakistani troops. “Our government would have dealt with them with an iron-fist.” He thundered.

“Like they dealt with the Kandhar hijackers.” This correspondent asked only to be attacked with some iron rods and perhaps a couple of fists by the youth activists of the BJP.

Running for dear life this correspondent ran into a Communist party worker who not only saved him from the young BJP activists but also signed a surety at the local police station for him because the SHO was going to arrest the correspondent for creating nuisance and leading a crowd towards the residence of the Defence Minister. But no sooner did the Communist party worker came to know that this was the same reporter who had circulating the news that the Pakistani troops/terrorists were wearing cheap Chinese uniform, he backtracked from having signed any surety.

“Maybe my signatures were forged. Appears to be a cut and paste job.” He quipped.