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Mighty blow to all communal parties of India by the Government

20, Jun 2015 By keyboard-ki-takat

In an unexpected fatal move to nearly everyone supporting or opposing yoga, Narendra modi led govt has decided to perform namaz instead of Yoga on 21st June.

After a long silence over serious issues of price rise, falling GDP, Lalit Modi scandal, Marg darshak’s comments and very few more. Prime minister has finally decided to speak on the more important event. He has decided to turn Yoga day into minority appeasement exercise.

While talking to Faking News, Prime minister said, “We have already convinced everyone that namaz practiced by Muslims is just a part of Yoga and nothing new, so performing a namaz should bring unity between the communities as Hindus will be thinking they are doing Yoga while muslims will think they are performing their namaz.”

This has led to a huge uproar in the Sangh parivar and other supporting groups though, as they have now outrightly rejected namaz being a part of Yoga which they were earlier supporting.

The other interesting part that was seen following the order was the reaction of Muslim groups, who were previously rejecting practices of any particular religion being forced on others are now openly supporting the government’s decision.