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MiG series fighter planes to be used as missiles: DRDO

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

A DRDO scientist has come up with a break through idea which if deployed may put India at dominant position in global power map by leaving outdated UAVs (Unmanned Arial Vehicals) of USA.

Now a little more than just a 'flying coffin'.
Now a little more than just a ‘flying coffin’.

Mr. Kapil Shit-bal, A graduate of Indian Institute of Insecure Technology (IIIT) has a vision to use MiG-Series Fighters (MiG-27, MiG-29 and MiG-21) as manned missiles which will be capable of carrying any warhead ranging from heavy stones to nuclear weapons.

UAVs have been an outdated technology and we plan to replace it with manned missiles, no country has done it before. The MiGs have been notorious for serious in-flight glitches causing numerous accidents. These fighter air crafts have also been named as “Flying Coffin” and “Widow Maker” owing to frequent crashes and loss of human lives.

When asked about what motivated him to  come up with the mind blowing idea, Mr. Shit-bal gives the credit to Bihar Panchayati raj Minister Sh. Bhim Singh. “Jawans are there to be martyred. Why else do people join Army and police? Those who join the Army are conditioned to believe that they could become martyrs,” Bihar Panchayati Raj Minister Bhim Singh has said.

However, Mr Shit-bal denied that his ideas will cause loss of Air Force personnel with each MiG Missile. He said due measure will be taken up to insure minimum loss of our personnel. These measures include retrofitting of seat ejection system with an imported system to ensure safe ejection before the MiGs hit the target; a recovery vehicle facilitated by Indian army to bring back the pilot to base station after the ejection from the Missile etc.

Further elaborating the technology, Mr. Sit-bal said that since it will save the cost of developing new missiles along with cost efficient disposal of hitherto useless “Flying Coffin”. This will make this project compatible with “Zero Loss” policy of the government.

Unknown sources at Indian Air Force confirmed that the MiG missile may soon be inducted in to Air Force as there is no need to test the missile again and again for years.

Why testing? The Missile has been demonstrating its capability since 1970s. We will not let go waste the lives of more than 170 pilots and 40 citizens (who have lost their lives due to MiG Fighters) by retesting the missile,” unknown source was quoted as saying.