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Met department says Acche din just a couple of days away, credit card spendings on a rise

17, Sep 2014 By quirkyindian

In a surprising move, the Indian Met department which failed to predict excess rains and droughts in the past, have claimed that Modi’s Acche din are a couple of days away.

Narendra Modi
“Mitron, achhe din aa rahe hain”

Dr Sachbole has confirmed has INSAT 3E has seen acche din moving closer from the Indian ocean side, and will strike the city of Chennai first, before overwhelming the entire country. “Acche din will come from the south east direction at a mild speed of 20 KPMH, and J&K will be the last state to witness acche din. “

Meanwhile, families have started buying gifts using credit cards, and thus the GDP has grown 15% based on debts. Families are advised not to stay indoors during acche din, carry an umbrella when outside as it might rain yens and dollars, and spend as much using credit cards, which will be  covered under Jan Dhan Yojana till acche din lasts.

The Met department has also issued a dos and donts guideline for Acche din. Various marketing agencies have come up with various Acche din products showing Smiling faces like Acche din Sabun, Acche din toothpaste, and Acche din Bartan Baar.