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'Message delivery failed', major reason for divorce and break-ups, says study

11, Jul 2014 By swaroski

If you are wondering why India has been facing increasing instances of divorces and break-ups, go no further.

The reason is neither the influence of western ideals nor the violent episodes of Game of thrones but rather the presence of your faithful mobile phone.  Yes. This flat screen device that lies innocently in your pocket is the major cause of divorces and break-ups.

depressed man
All because of message delivery failure.

A study initiated by a Mobile repair institute in Moradabad concluded this finding. The proprietor of the three-storeyed institute with a basement nonchalantly spoke to us while sipping tea, “Our institute teaches students to repair all kinds of mobile phones in only six months. We cover all the basics of mobile repairing  and guarantee 100% placements wherein one can start their own business. Our institute is fully government recognized.”

After servicing our mobile phone for free and taking printed ad leaflets of the institute to distribute, our crew headed to the nearest divorce lawyers to confirm this newly published research finding.

After a busy days of running to find new clients, we finally found a lawyer willing to reveal the intricate details of her recently concluded divorce case. In the words of her client, “I was taking bath with my favourite soap when the mobile phone sounded off the latest message or sms. Feeling certain that this message was from my wife, who had gone to her office for work, I quickly ran from the bathroom with soap bubbles still emanating from my ear lobes. Without worrying about my nakedness, I ran towards the phone and leapt on it to read the message. And surely. The message was from my wife who wanted me to pick up our kids from school since she was required to stay late in office. I had nothing else to do. Hence, I typed ‘Yes’ in reply to my wife’s message and went back to the afternoon ritual of taking bath. I did not however notice that the message got truncated and ‘it failed to deliver’. After some time my wife called, admonishing me for not replying back to her message, which led to a fight. She recalled how I had similarly failed to reply to her message some seven years ago. She then reminded me that I did not have a job for the last eight months. Also, she blamed me for her bad sex life and even imagined me having an affair with our maid. Due to this immense trauma, I decided to file for a divorce.”

It is fairly certain that such cases are not a rarity. In a move to curb such freedom given to the mobile phone, it has also been advised by many elderly people that women should be debarred from using mobile phones.

It is assumed that phones break down since women speak so much into them. This leads to message failure and hence divorce. Even the mobile repair institute does not have female students.