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Both men & women go for rather lovely looks

16, Apr 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: If a man values a beautiful woman, the female also prefers a handsome male. This is an accepted temperament. It gives us the feeling that it is human nature to appreciate good looks. What did John Keats say a thing of beauty is a joy forever gets recognition even today? The Recent news appears to have confirmed this factuality. The news item with the headline, “Newly married woman murdered her hubby for not being handsome”! The readers must have been baffled by reading this incident. Just a week after her marriage that 22-year-old wedded woman killed her husband by smashing her head with a stone grinding.

Was the husband too frail to oppose his wife’s knock? There was indeed taken place a quarrel as the reports spelled out but a weaker sex seemed to have overpowered the youthful man in course of this squabble. This story was more or less comparable with the TV serial “Behead” storyline. The news also indicated that the woman coming out of her house cried that someone had killed her husband. However, she was later arrested on the charge of killing his husband.

Was she upset with his external facial look? He was supposed to be not handsome. She desired her husband should be handsome. Was he not using fairness cream? Was he not aware of his personal appearance? Was he not conscious of his lady’s view? Was he so rustic? A woman did not accept his man because of fairly poor look & form. Most recently one competent politician has drawn people’s profound interest in the unfairness. Citing an example of the people in South Indian states, he wittingly emphasized upon no discrimination on the simple ground of colour?

Whatsoever his motive might be, a discussion has certainly propped up. In this continuation, some other personalities also jumped thereby igniting the point to some farther extent. We know how Nelson Mandela waged a movement against the racial discrimination in South Africa. We are also cognizant of how our fairness companies are focussing upon not-so-handsome male’s look? The film actors were definitely not far behind in endorsing the face fairness creams. Taking a prompt hint from these catchy marketing strategies, an actor named Abhay Deol has shown his open interest in the facial discussion sharing pictures of actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Ileana D’Cruz, Deepika Padukone and actors like Siddarth Malhotra, John Abraham, and Shahrukh Khan.

And Sonam Kapoor even reminded Abhay of his cousin endorsing the fairness cream. Their reactions even lengthened to a certain degree. But what we perceived from it was that the looks of male or female are valuable despite all odds. Discarding the ongoing debate among actors, we have found how an ordinary domestic quarrel eventually caused the fatal incident. Being a young woman of unmanageable rage, she went to the point of committing a serious crime. What followed afterward was unsuitable and regretful in the practical terms of the social norms. Though the women used to support handsomeness at the first instance, they preferred their income also. It wholly helped them to maintain their face value on the husbands’ money.

That ill-fated man was also a wood sculptor. How unlucky & star-crossed he was! The bounteous nature ingrained in him a quality for preparing attractive wooden things but his poor looks emerged as the main cause of his sudden death. She started hating him because she did not find him a perfect match for herself. Here a story of the Hollywood famed actress required to be described. When the renowned scientist Einstein had asked her to marry him, she outrightly rejected the proposal on the scientist’s bad looks. Whether it is man and animal final choice goes on pleasant appearance. The peculiarity should be kept in mind in all the domestic quarrels. The incident is so emblematic of the wife’s attitude towards her husband, at all a life-long companion.