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Melody returns, Cacophony over credit begins...

28, May 2015 By anuj

In this weird world where the shelf life of a song and movie is a fortnight or month, PM should be credited with  long lasting lyric of  “Achche Din Aane Wale Hain”.

The song (Jumla as many would like us to believe) has been doing rounds for more than a year now and it seems that it will continue making waves for a couple of years more. To be fair to Mr. Modi, he added another  line to it at Mathura , “Burre Din Ja Rahe Hai “.

The rally at Mathura is the start of  commemoration of one year of Mr.Modi Ji as Prime Minister. Insiders have confirmed that the celebration will continue for a couple of years.

Many Cabinet Ministers are on Pan-India tour  and will of course address Press Conferences and rallies to observe one year of return voyage of “Achche Din”. The overkill and statements  of perception and feel good factors like “Bharat ka Danka Viswa me “, “Era of Hope” and  “Make in India” seems to have touched every citizen, even the last man in the Que.

It’s another matter that the brigade is sounding like Arun Lal of cricket commentary. “Bhagyashali rahe ki Bahri Kinara “… with the real issues summed up in a minute of their half an hour speech.

The hype of hope and 365X24  chants has funnily not shattered the hopes of the man in street. The high standards of Action and Morality which the previous Government had set seems to carry the  cannon of “Hope ka Top” a bit more .

The whiz kid of Indian Politics has decided that  his  Party will release it’s own set of  questions to Modi Government .  We have access to a couple of such questions raised in the “Pink Paper ” as it will be called. Two noted lawyers have been asked to write “one liners” to negate the “Achche Din effect”.  Mr. Sibal  has  circulated a couple of couplets to this regard in Social Media.

Mr. Khursheed is meanwhile learning Sanskrit  from Germans as to write shlokas to pacify the fanga of “Achche Din”. As always Mr. Chidamabarm will explain how the Government pocketed  umpteen zeros of coal block allocation, spectrum allocation and sale of PSU stocks without reducing the excise hike in fuel.

Meanwhile taking a leaf out of Central Governments books, the Delhi Government has  initiated a series of Programs to commemorate 100 days of “Muffler Man without Muffler”. Many like the Ashutosh, Kumar Viswas have penned songs with Dadlani and Rowdy Raghu composing the music.

With discussions on pending bills like GST, LAB  kept pending , the melody will rule the roost for some time now..