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Meet this communal Hindu who believes that all religions are same, yet too adamant not to change his religion

05, May 2015 By manithan

Delhi: 42-year old, Janardhan Sharma, is recently in spotlight for his motto when it comes to religion that, “All religions are same and everything leads to God”. His photo was shared in Humans of Delhi Facebook page along with his short speeches about equality in religion and Gods.

Inspired by his idealism and to ride in his probable popularity wave, we met Janardhan who was seen chatting in sweet shop with his two cross-religious friends.

“Beta! You want to go to Agra from here. You can go by train. You can go by bus. You can go by car. The medium of transport are different but everything leads to Agra. You understand my point right?” started Janardhan. “Similarly, one can be Muslim like my friend Zakir. One can be Christian like my friend Robert. One can be Hindu like me. But we all go to God. Religion are like vehicle, all operate in similar manner.”

We asked Janardhan, “All sweets taste sweet, but will you keep on having ladoo everyday? You will taste jalebi one day and halwa another day right? Why not convert to one religion this year and to another religion the next year? Of course, all religions are same right? Why remain a Hindu from birth to death?”

Janardhan Sharma as a kid always used to participate in such dramas
Janardhan Sharma as a kid always used to participate in such dramas

Janardhan was blown away by our question. He catched some air for breath and said, “You are trying to twist my statement.”, for which we retaliated that, “It means you do not consider all religion as equal. That means you are a communal Hindu.”

Zakir became uneasy and asked Janardhan, “Mere pyaare Dosth! Since you said all religion are same, why not try Islam? Our Book will have answers to all your questions.”

Robert broke the Zakir’s intervention, “Lovely Janardhan! Follow the words of Jesus. Accept Him. How can you believe that stone can heal you?”

Janardhan said to them, “No no! Why can’t I be a Hindu? This is too bad. I still believe that ‘All religion are same and they lead to God. Why should I change my religion then?”

The three of them started arguing sharply about this and a crowd of different religious people started swarming around that place, while we left the shop with our purchase of sweets. Overall, we just did our job as a journalist.