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Meerut leopard suspected killed in alleged case of road rage in NCR

10, Mar 2014 By bakarpolicy

Leopard which was giving sleepless nights to the people of Meerut has been found shot dead in NCR on a busy well-lit road in an alleged case of road rage, in the early hours of the day. Incidentally the police check post is just 50 meters from the spot.

Uninfluential creature

Onlookers, on condition of anonymity, told that the leopard, in its haste to flee from the spot, overtook a SUV. This must have enraged the drivers who chased it down and shot it at the next junction.

They also said that the leopard seemed to have no intention of overtaking the vehicle – it was just trying to flee from two bikers (as per the onlookers habitual chain snatchers) who, apparently having mistaken its spots for precious stone jewels, tried to flick one from its body.

Apparently, the leopard could have been saved had it been rushed to hospital in time – but passersby failed to stop for help for a time which unfortunately proved too long.

Political leaders have condemned the incident.

AAP (Aamaran Anshan Party) leader Arajak JabDekhoTabBavaal said they would go and ask the public if they should start a dharna against this incident. His ex-mentor Oribaba* YeMereKuUseKiyaRay, however said that JabDekhoTabBavaal is just trying to gain political mileage out of the incident.

One of the opposition leaders, Shavirankar Srapad demanded resignations of the CM, the LG, the PM, Secretary General of the UN, Obama, Satya Nadela, and president of the BCCI for their failure to curb such incidents.

As per unconfirmed reports, the people in the vehicle are close to a big and influential person. In a related development, a person claiming to be the driver of the said vehicle surrendered to the police claiming that it was he who was in the vehicle at that time.

Meanwhile, rumors are afloat in the journalistic community, that the leopard had started behaving abnormal, sometimes even suicidal, since someone had told him about WhinesNow’s AameEklaCheekhbo** Garajvaani’s plan to interview it (it is sad however, cause this interview related news was originally from a fake news website – but was relayed by some overzealous*** reporter of Nindia tv, and leopard’s well-wisher apparently believed it)

Meanwhile, it is learnt from sources that PETA is planning a protest in Delhi against this. Kektaa KKapoor & company is very angry with them cause this protest is expected to make a big dent on the revenues of their about to release film Nagini MMS.

Also, SouthilNadu govt has passed a resolution to issue preemptive blanket pardon to the perpetrators if they happen to be Southils.

Some politicians, women included, however, though condemning the incident, questioned leopard’s actions too: “it is very sad that leopards are not safe on the roads anymore, but we should also think about what was it doing on the road so late in the night … ” was a feeling they shared.

* Yes, it is BongBhasha ** old timers say that AameEklaCheekhbo Garajvaani used to be normal – but then he read Gurudev’s “Ekla chaalo ray”, where, in all probability, he misread chaalo as cheekhbo *** Yes, overzealous even by Nindia tv standards