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Media to do GharWapasi of Najeeb Jung at their own cost, so that they can bash him vigorously

28, May 2015 By anuj

New Delhi: GharWapsi had been the dream mission of Hindutva groups which failed to launch. Though it is rampant according to the news portrayed by mainstream media, they are not in mood to believe whatever they say. Now, the same Mainstream Indian Media had decided to try their hands on GharWapsi. They have even picked their first specimen to conduct their experiment. It is none other than our beloved BJP ka Agent Lt Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung.

Solid Proof that Najeeb Jung is on the side of Narendra Modi. Yeh toh BJP ka Saazish hain ji.
Once LG becomes a Hindu, Kejriwal will claim using this photo that “Solid Proof that Najeeb Jung is on the side of Narendra Modi. Yeh toh BJP ka Saazish hain ji.”

According to reports, several senior editors and young journos had been doing reconnaissance of Jung’s daily routines, which includes his home, office and several other places he visits. They had been looking for loopholes to convince him to be a part of their GharWapsi experiment.

Speaking to Faking News, on conditions of anonymity, a top reporter from a reputed news channel, said, “Yes. Whatever you heard is true. We are planning to do a GharWapsi of Delhi’s LG. GharWapsi means re-conversion of Muslims & Christians to Hinduism, as per Sanghis. Najeeb Jung is a Hindu by culture, but we cannot treat him as Hindu and do our barking in news studios. It will tear our secular fabric and will make us play into the hands of bigoted Hindus. That is why, we want Najeeb Jung to come back to Hinduism and change his name to Naresh Jagan.”

“By becoming a Hindu, Najeeb Jung aka Naresh Jagan will be perfect card that will be played by us in national media. We can claim that he was re-converted by BJP & RSS and that is why he has now become a quasi-member of BJP. Already, the Reliance angle is slowly helping us, but the Hindu angle will totally knock LG down. That can help Kejriwal to prove to the public that he is honest. We can again continue backing Kejriwal as Rahul Gandhi is proving to be his old self even with all our pampers.”, sighed the top reporter.

Another senior journo from a reputed newspaper, said, “Right from day one, when the Kejriwal – Najeeb Jung fiasco started, our hands were tied because of the religion of LG. We cannot risk losing our loyal secular reader base. We cannot criticise Kejriwal, as doing so will make us self flagellate ourselves. So, we had to write pages on events related to BJP that never happened. But, with this GharWapsi of Najeeb, we can have free hand in writing against him. We can bash him, slap him verbally, kick him linguistically and there will be no backlash from any sector, as criticising Hindus is our forte and which wins us bread & butter. We hope Jung becomes Hindu as soon as possible. I had already donated Rs. 10000 for this important cause.”