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Mechanical engineers demand quota

24, Jul 2014 By swittybilli

Supreme court in a ruling has issued a notice to all the colleges regarding the gender discrimination the mechanical engineers face during their 4 years of college.

In the plea filed by mechanical engg students they argued that since they dont have the option to check out the beautiful gurls out there ,they are forced to attend the lectures either sleeping or playing games on their mobiles, leading to severe frustration and even leads to low turnout in classes .A third year student even went on to say that  if a batch of mechanical engineers gets a gurl enrolled she almost looks like their guy counterpartners.

Raj Bhardwaj, a topper at IIT mechanical dept, when asked, does not even know if the female gender exist. In a recent incident; they claim that many mechanical engineers were teased in a broad day light in the college corridors by the computer science students  which  includes remarks passed by cs engg gals.

Some guys from mechanical engg branch who unfortumately were  selected by IT firms have joined the procession claiming that even in IT field which  happens to be full of CS girls, no girl is willing to talk to them fearing that they are  from mechanical background with no prior knowledge to talk to girls.The HRs who mostly happen to be girls, knowing that the guy is from mechanical engg, gives them  project where nighshifts are done preventing them for the joyous view.

In a recent poll people from mechanical branch have clearly stated that they due to all this they are faced to fix arrange marriages since their parents too loose hope of getting a gurl by their mechanical engg son himself.Lalit kumar,a recently married mechanical engineer even claims that since they have no prior experience to ‘what woman want’ their marriage leads to them being a puppy dog.They are everyday  made to believe that gurl  is always right and being ignorant they fail to put up their case.

The jugde, who happen to be father of mechanical engg student demanded a quota for beautiful gurls in mechanical eng deptt