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McDonalds not happy as Mumbaikars claim ‘Vada Pav' as an Indian burger

06, Jan 2014 By 0mar Abdullah

Outlets of McDonalds across Mumbai are not happy with the recent development.  People of Mumbai like Vada Pav as much as Congress likes corruption.  Mumbaikars have the ability to eat vada pav infinite number of times a day.

Desi burger.

“I love to eat it. I start and end my day with vada pav only. I can imagine life without oxygen but can’t imagine life without vada pav,” a Mumbaikar expressed his love for vada pav.

Imminent personalities like Raj Thackrey, Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar love to eat vada pav.  They all are proud of stuffed potato inside a small bun with salted chilly.

When asked why people of mumbai want to claim vada pav as an Indian burger, mumbaikar said,” Vada pav almost looks similar to Mcdonalds’ burger. We’ve different kinds of vada pav infact more varieties than McDonalds’ burger.  Jumbo & butter vada pav are quite famous in whole Maharashtra.  More importantly it is much cheaper than McDonalds.”

Shiv Sena and MNS also want to give ‘Vada Pav’ nomenclature as Indian burger.  But being strong Maratha, Sharad Pawar, has not reacted to the recent development. His aim is to become Prime Minister of India and then only he’ll try to push ‘Vada Pav’ as Indian burger.

“Vada Pav manje (means) baṭāṭā (potato) aani (and) bundh. It is very easy to prepare and cheap also. It is easily available in each corner of Mumbai,” MNS leader told to fakingnews, “Marathi people have been eating vada pav since Maharaj Shiva ji’s time and we can say that Mcdonalds have taken the idea of making burger from Marathi people only. Thus, we want our identity back and we’ve added this in our election manifesto for upcoming General election.”

People of Maharashtra are very happy when they came to know that McDonalds have taken the idea of making burger from them. And they want the name ‘Vada Pav’ should be change to Indian burger as soon as possible.

Meanwhile in Delhi, AAP also tries to give ‘Chole Kulcha’ as Delhi Burger and ‘Chole Bhature’ as Indian Pizza. “It seems unrealistic but AAP is known for converting unreal to real,” claimed by AAP supporter.