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MBA student found dead in his room

20, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Ferraro Kumar, first year MBA student found dead in his hostel room. He lives in a single room and no one noticed his absence for two days.  A solved balance sheet was found in his room. Primary investigation lead to the conclusion that excitement after getting accounts sheet balanced which lead to the severe heart attack is the reason for his death.

“I didn’t check his room for two days. Today I called him for getting the assignment. I checked his entire room but couldn’t find the assignment. I don’t know how I could submit it on time “said Sahu who claim to be his best friend.  “He never gets up from his bed.  No one dare to approach him when he studies. Anyways one down in the competition” said another friend.  Most of the students updated the profile picture with a black dot to show their grief. “His memories will be with us every time and we won’t remove him from our WatsApp groups” said the admin of the most of watsapp groups.

Recent trends have made management to give more motivational classes to student to abstain from such thoughts. College also decided to ease tight schedule students are facing. As a matter of fact College has introduced a new subject and it will be evaluated through assignments and exams to reduce strain of students.

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