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MBA student decides to drop out of college after Diwali holidays

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

“I decided to stay in home and start some business instead of going back and sleeping in the class,” said Dev kumar, student of a prestigious institute. “I wasted 3 years to crack exam to get into a college where I can study relevant business and finally found out that most of thing I study there is against common sense. I feel like a dumb these days,” he continued.

An MBA class going on.
An MBA class going on.

Dev who used to work in his small shop is planning to expand his family business. “During the holidays I understood what MBA has done to me. I cannot even calculate bills without calculators. For some common sense solutions I am trying to do a SWOT analysis. My father got irritated and asked me to get out of the shop,” Dev explained when we asked the reason for his decision.

Many students are inspired by the brave act of Dev Kumar to drop out and spend time for relevant things. “I don’t want to wear the suit and sell pen to anyone in the interview,” said another student who is in search of his summer internship. Responding to the recent trends colleges have decided to make the college life more attractive to retain students. “We are going to scrap the written examination and relative grading to make course more attractive,” said a principal of a college who didn’t wish to be named.

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