Monday, 23rd April, 2018

MBA requests addition to Black Money List so that he can add another CV point

30, Oct 2014 By Vaibhav Anand


Ranchi: After three people shot to instant fame on being named as “black money holders”, an MBA student from IIM Ranchi has written to the Finance Minister to be included in the black money list as well. Tadapit Kumar, a second year student at IIM-R, apparently made the demand so that he could buff up his CV for final placements.

“I could not get elected to any of the societies or placement teams because I was not part of any of the gangs in the hostel and also I am the only one to have made a girlfriend on campus, which means everybody is calling me Chetan Bhagat and has begun to hate me,” Tadapit said. “But aside from that achievement,” he said, most likely referring to his girlfriend, “I haven’t really won any inter or intra B-School competitions and keeping up with Sakshi’s demands has meant that I am always lagging behind in my courses and getting terrible GPAs.”

“And kuchh bhi keh lo, this is IIM Ranchi,” Tadapit said. “Placement is a big fight for everyone. I am sure Sakshi will leave me for one of those ghissu mallus if I don’t get a job offer. She doesn’t really look anything like Alia Bhatt… but it’s great to have a girlfriend in a place like Ranchi.”

“At least this way I can say I was shortlisted for something on my CV,” Tadapit concluded.