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MBA grad blames YouTube after failing to get placed

11, Sep 2013 By hydprince4ever

There was a sense of deja vu on the lush green campus of Modern Institute Of Managment as all the current batch of MBA students were placed, except one Satya lal.

Satya Lal is not part of the celebrations which involve shouting in the hostel corridors, tearing shirts, drinking all night and updating Facebook statuses as “placed in xxx.. next year will have dinner with the CEO”.

Satya Lal reportedly got agitated and shouted at the top of his voice, “Why are you guys so happy? You are behaving as if you have won the War of Sparta. You will never meet CEO, not until next 35 years and you become 60”.

Job holders in response celebrated Satya Lal’s 10th birthday of the month that day.

Satya Lal blamed YouTube for his failure. He said he watched repeated video telecasts of Khan Academy, NPTEL, ArifIrfanullah and others for gaining knowledge.

Apparently his teachers never saw those videos and gave him umpteen zeros in tests rendering him unqualified to attend interviews. Satya Lal says the teachers must first be shown all the educational videos on you tube and then only permitted to teach.

A faculty on anonymity replied, “We teach everything. Arey aajkal ke bacche youtube pe kyaa dekhthe hain hamein sab pata hai…hum 30 saal se pada rahe hainnnn..hamein mat sikhayiye…

An upset Satya Lal, has decided to become entrepreneur and has already applied to UGC for setting up an university inspired by recent court ruling in favor of the slogan “dare to think beyond..’u know it’ “.