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MBA coaching institutes to use Rahul's interview with Arnab

30, Jan 2014 By siddhartha

In an interesting move, all the MBA coaching institutes across the country are planning to use Rahul Gandhi’s interview with Arnab to teach personal interview basics to the MBA aspirants.


“This will help the students to learn ‘How not to give a Personal Interview'”, says Mr Samay Pandey, faculty of a well known MBA coaching center.

Experts believe that RaGa’s interview shows how not to beat around the Bush, how not to look into various corners of the room, how not to avoid difficult questions and several other traits which should be absolutely avoided during an interview.

“It is indeed very fortunate that RaGa gave an interview during this MBA season. It can help thousands of students,” explains Mr Samay. “Although interviewers may not be as ruthless as Arnab, it is better to prepare for the worst.”

“I liked student of the year more than this interview of the year”, says Mr. Baba who was seen watching the show.

Meanwhile, Digvijay Singh is expected to come up with some extraordinary comments on Rahul’s Interview of the year.