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Mason plans to deposit bricks in BRICS bank

17, Jul 2014 By MRP

Hearing of the new BRICS bank that is going to be established, the innocent mason from a UP village, Akalmand Sharma, made plans to make full use of the bank for safeguarding bricks.

Sharma came to know about the new bank from a local newspaper. Known in the village as an independent thinker, Sharma came to his own conclusion about the bank without going into the details or asking others about it. He also spread the word among his villagers and panchayat members about the bank.

No, it’s not BRICS bank.

When others expressed doubt that a bank is not for depositing and withdrawing bricks but only money, he argued that the new government has new ideas and that the bank would deal in bricks maybe because bricks are going to be very valuable in future. “A brick used to cost ten paise when I was young, but today it is ten rupees. Soon it may reach a hundred. We better keep them safe in the bank and withdraw only when required. We can’t let them lie on the roadside anymore”. The villagers had to agree.

“But, the bank is going to be in China. How can we use it?” was a valid question from one informed villager. But the fully convinced Sharma was ready with his logic, “That is still better, it will be a foreign bank. And they will open branches here too. Look, did we have any bank branches in our village ten years ago? Now we have three. We just have to wait. In fact, I have decided to write to the government to set up an ATM too.”

While the villagers were debating the pros and cons of the bricks bank, came a rude shock. A college going youngster barged in and declared, “Sharmaji, I asked our bank security guard, the new bank is not for construction bricks. It is only for gold bricks.”

The villagers, who neither owned nor had seen much gold in their lives, let alone gold bricks, sighed in disappointment. One elderly member of the village commented, “Oh! this bank is not for us. I think only in China people have gold bricks in villages. I wonder what they do with them. Can’t be for house construction. Anyway, let us go home now.” Sharma too rode away ignoring the stack of bricks lying by the side.