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Marriage proposal turned down due to lack of Facebook likes

16, Oct 2014 By asitranjan

Bhubaneswar: The city came to shock to the news of a marriage proposal failed over Facebook likes. As per the buzz of the city, the news is quite shocking for the people of Doordarshan era but not came as a surprise for the net 2.0 generation.

It is learnt that Pappu (name changed) 22 and Pinki (name changed) 22 are classmate in the local MBA college and knew each other since long. For last two years they are dating each other, the love story some says started in the competitive coaching classes. After dating, each other for quite a long time both decided to take their relationship a step forward and to reveal their status to the family members.

As per plan, Pinki told her family members about their relationship first and her father asked to meet Pappu. Things were going on a right direction when on the eventful date Pappu was rejected by the family members of Pinki. It is learnt that when asked about his Facebook profile Pappu was unable to satisfy family of Pinki. However, they were initially agreed with the proposal but rejected Pappu when they came to know that Pappu’s biggest achievement was 51 likes in one photo. Though we couldn’t contacted the father of Pinki, a close aid of their family, with a promise that we would not reveal his name, told us ‘look even our worst photos and status got 300 likes and he never got something around 100 likes for one photo in his life’. Another close friend of the family said ‘it would be embarrassment for the family to get such a guy who is so unpopular on Facebook’. We were also informed that the grandfather of the family has said ‘jo 100 likes nahi la sakta wo hamari bitiya ko kaise khush rakhega’.

The older generation of the city had reacted strongly by criticizing the decision of the girl’s father while the young generation is looking enthusiastic about this news. A college student gave his reaction by saying that it would encourage his generation to indulge more in Facebook and gets social. The lefties groups of the city are terming it as the influence of USA and MNC corporate plan; the right-wingers are saying it has hurt their religious sentiment. The political party are keeping mum in this subject but when asked Digvijay Singh expressed his opinion saying this is a plan of Mr. Modi to make whole India Bachelor and the matter should be investigated by CBI because he suspects RSS is behind influencing the father of the girl to take this decision. We could not contact the girl or her family members but when contacted Pappu only says “Kya yehi hain Achhe din”.

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