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Marriage bureau denies to list a boy's profile stating that he isn't a software engineer

06, Feb 2014 By trolldevi

Jahapana tussi great ho!!
Jahapana tussi great ho

Bangalore-soft marriage links, a famous marriage bureau in the city refused to take boy’s profile just because he’s not a software engineer.

The boy’s parents requested the bureau and even offered to pay the double amount for the registration, yet, they faced a massive rejection!

They tried threatening the bureau , it’s a violation of social equality clauses of constitution, yet the bureau din’t give in, all they could do is go home and pray to God , some miracle to happen!

FakingNews came to know about this issue after it became talk of the locality and a famous twitter trend! For majority, the concern seems to be, the Boy is not a S/W engineer and not the bureau’s rejection. And this lead the extreme notoriety to the Boy’s family and they are losing friends and kin!

Our reporter Kishan , who obviously is not a software engineer went to get a story on this issue and the bureau commented, “Of course we rejected him for a reason. What the hell is he thinking not working for software industry? And the guts of him living in Bangalore and trying to get a bride! So what if he’s a graduate from IIT Kharagpur in Mechanical Engineering and post graduate from IIM B. If he wants to get married, get a S/W job first. If he wants to continue with his present job he can forget about getting married. What about you?? You don’t want to get married? Why are you doing this job? “

And it’s a revelation to Kishan and it changed him entirely. We regret to say this is the last report from kishan , he decided to give up his current job, and find his place in the world as S/W engineer.

Well, this rejection of non-S/w ccandidates by bureaus spread like wildfire after the broadcast of the appointment of an Indian , as CEO of Microsoft.This totally pissed off the groom refugee Gowtham, who is presently working for one of the top banks in the country. He decided to appear for JEE exam again and study comp science this time.

Meanwhile marriage bureaus all over country launched special premium registrations for brides who wants to find themselves promissory candidates who can be CEOs of software companies in the future.