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Mark Zuckerberg To Launch "Condom Mobile" In India

23, Apr 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

Kohinoor, Manforce, Durex, Sunny leone (Ohh sorry, Kamasutra) were all found in fix when their auditory nerve could not bear the news of launch of “Condom Mobile” in India by Mark Zuckerberg.

Reportedly, when he was in India sometimes back, once in a medical shop a boy standing next to him asked the shopkeeper for an umbrella in a very low volume. Mark was shockingly looking at the boy as he was asking for the thing not available in the shop. More shock was added when the shopkeeper gave him a packet of condom. Furiously, in loud voice he asked the boy, “You refer condom as umbrella you stupid?”

Zuckerberg's status Mark - feeling HOOOOO (Indian style), while launching Mobile Condom to cater the Indian Market
Mark feeling HOOOOO (Indian expression for so condomly thing), while launching Mobile Condom to cater the Indian Market

Listening to that other people around started laughing on the boy. Ashamed of the incident, boy threw the packet and ran away. Looking at this Mark came to know about the main reason of population explosion in India. He murmered, “Today he will do without protection, GOD bless him.” He realised that everyone in India have great knowledge of sex but no knowledge of condoms or they are afraid of using this term in public. They are hypocrites.

Next day he came out with a revolutionary idea to make mobile itself a condom vending machine. This mobile will have features of colored condoms,  flavoured condoms, dotted condoms and premium dotted condoms. He has also finalized a tagline for the product which is, “Aapka sukh, aapke haath”!

With this news out, Kalu Yadav has filed a case against Mark saying this product to be against the Indian culture and tradition. Bumar Vishwas on this replied, “Those people who have already produced cricket teams in their house are not supposed to comment on this product. This product is for energetic youngsters like me.”

Looking at all this, it will not be surprising if in future jobseekers will be asked questions during interviews like “Can you please explain me the use of condoms?” or “Which flavour in condom you like the most and why?” Possibilities are high of groom getting rejected for not owning a condom mobile.

Indian government has signed a deal with Bidya Balan for its advertisement . Bidya will be seen saying, “Mat kar virodh, use kar nirodh”. A great step by Mark to control population but now lets see whether public takes it sportingly or not?