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Manipal students demand more MITs than IITs

04, Jun 2014 By colddeck

The decision to establish at least 8 New IIT’s by the new HRD Minister Mrs Smriti Irani has garnered mixed reactions from the students.

While a majority of the students are happy in the anticipation of the quality education that might be offered, there was a huge uproar against the decision in the University town of Manipal.

No more MITs
No more IITs

Manipal, as very few know, is situated near Mangalore and already faces a constant identity crisis wherein it is confused with its distant cousin in Sikkim now feels that the new government is giving undue importance to the IIT’s.

A Mechanical Engineering student from Manipal Institute of Technology, Aakash Khanna commented, “I don’t see why the country needs more IIT’s? Manipal has been the college that has given the country 2 CEO’s in the recent past. The government should focus on establishing more MIT’s rather than focussing on IIT’s.”

Aakash said this while flashing his new T shirt which read “I walked the same streets as Satya  Nadella and Rajeev Suri”.

Taking the debate to a digital platform, the students from Manipal started tweeting with the hashtag #YoManipalSoFamous and #AbkiBaarMoreMITyaar to cement their superiority over their counterparts studying in the IIT’s and some students even went to the extent of filing a petition on

Responding to the petitions, the new HRD Minister Smriti Irani responded saying she would soon be making a trip to Sikkim in order to see the university itself and then decide whether the country needs more IIT’s or more MIT’s.

Meanwhile, as if listening to the prayers of the students, the Manipal Administration which has already opened branches in Bangalore and Jaipur has decided to open up branches in Delhi and Hyderabad, the native places of two of its recent CEO alums.

Insiders claim that this is a ploy by the college to get the two distinguished alums to come back to college, one way or the other.