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Manipal student fails to become CEO, gets disowned by parents

04, May 2014 By Pareshaan insaan

Tension has suddenly built up among students in Manipal after a line of  new CEOs has turned out to be alumni of MIT (Manipal wala).

While people from other parts of the country are rejoicing themselves in these accomplishments, nobody seems to really understand how this news has affected the current students in the coastal town of Manipal.

Sata Nadella
Sata Nadella

Our reporter Bhupesh Chaklu has been reporting to us from Manipal. Bhupesh has been a student at MIT Manipal since 12 years now. Failing to clear his backs or have a double-digit attendance, Bhupesh has now acquired permanent residence in the 10th block of MIT hostels. Bhupesh has written several unpublished books and some articles, with 2 of his most infamous and uninspiring quotes being “Always back down” and  “Do give up”.  Bhupesh now works for free as a freelance writer at FN.

Chanakya Chawla, a 9-pointer at MIT and studying in the first year, said, “I have always tried being a good boy and lived up to my parents’ expectations. So far, I have already published an IEEE paper, joined all clubs, have 75.01% attendance, made a robot, and done social work at I-sec. But my parents are suddenly very unhappy, and treat me as if I am like your reporter Bhupesh “. (Bhupesh doesn’t feel insulted).

A common complaint now among Manipal students is that their parents have stopped giving them any pocket money, so as to prevent other distractions and focus on studies.

Narayan Pilluvadi Tirchipuram Srinivasan, who is from the neighboring town of Parkala and a student at MIT, said, “Aiyo! Nadella anna aur Suri anna ne toh zindagi barbaad kara hamara. My father stopped giving me pocket money, now how I will buy coconut water?!”.

Another student Rocky, who comes from Delhi, said, “MIT has always been the place for aiyashi and thats why we cool people come here, but now I am so broke I can’t even buy a quarter of Old Monk. Its just boring now like VIT. I could have just joined Amethi College at Noida instead, as I was also getting admission there (who doesn’t?)”.

We asked Mr.Srinivasan, father of Narayan Srinivasan, if he feels that it is unfair to have such high expectations from children, to which he made a valid point by saying “If Nadella can, why can’t my boy?”.  Meanwhile, the teachers at MIT, who are extremely skilled and the best among all colleges in a 5 metre radius of Manipal, had only one thing to say – “We want our students to be able to achieve what we can could never achieve, which is why we always try and push them.”

The most shocking however, is the tale of Chakna Choor, who recently sat for placement exams in his last semester. Besides being good at studies, Chakna is already the CEO, founder and managing director of various unregistered and non-existent start-ups, as we learnt from his facebook profile.

He is also the entire board of directors at a particular made-up start-up. In campus placement, he also managed to get placed at a reputed company with a package of 4 LPA, despite being in Mechatronics branch. This is comparable to getting placed at Google in Computer Science branch. Despite all this, his parents call him a shame to the family and they have disowned him by saying, “Tumne Choor parivar ki izzat ko chakna choor kar diya“.

His parents had already gone too far with their assertive expectations, and already framed a photoshopped picture of him standing in front of Googleplex, California, with his name tag saying “Chakna Choor, Good boy and Google CEO”. Chakna tried telling them that nobody can directly get to a high post so easily (apart from Rahool Gandhi), but it was no use.

Seeing the increasing fame, the administration at Moneypal has decided to increase the fees even more. Other colleges are trying to kidnap and extort Manipal students into their campuses. Meanwhile, companies are contemplating if they should actually have interviews only for CEO positions at Manipal campus placements from next year. All these incidents have made the atmosphere in Manipal so grave, that the locally published magazine ‘Chill maadi’ now sells as ‘Tense maadi’.

Such is the rift between expectations of parents and unwillingness among students, that families are falling apart due to this whole CEO frenzy.

Our reporter Bhupesh would just like to reinforce his philosophy here by saying that low expectations have never torn apart any families. He also quotes 2 of his other famous lines (which he learnt from sports brands’ commercials), “Just don’t do it” and “Impossible is something”. Maybe it is time for us to really take things easy and live life with Bhupesh’s principles.