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Mangalyaan mission finds huge stretch of Mars land already owned by Robert Vadra

05, Nov 2013 By abhilash1986

Farmer Vadra

As nation celebrates the success of  Mangalyaan – India’s inaugural Mars Orbiter Mission, there are shocking images already collected by ISRO along with Mars’ surface features, morphology, mineralogy and Martian atmosphere!

The shocking images reveal huge stretches of land with a board – “This property belongs to Robert Vadra”. Scientists are already investigating about how a small farmer could think so much into the future and already own such a property.

The UPA government has already issued several statements, explaining how it has ensured the reach of Science and Technology to every corner of the country to the extent that even small farmers can own lands in Mars.

Mr. Kapil Sibal has expressed that he is pleasantly surprised to know that all the documents in the registration process of Mars’ land are legal and assures that there are no back-door favors given to Mr. Vadra. Mr. Sibal has proposed to pass – “Rajiv Gandhi Gareeb-Kissan-Ko-Bachao yojna” as a token of support to Mr. Vadra. He has also clarified that Mr. Vadra’s property does not exceed 1/3rd of total surface area on earth because 2/3rd surface area is anyway occupied by water.

In a totally unrelated news, DLF has issued a press statement saying the rough surfaces, heavy rocks, loose soil shown in the pics captured by ISRO are of the potholes found on the roads of Bangalore and DLF is not responsible for any similarities between Bangalore roads and the surface of Mars.

Mr. Subramanian Swamy has published a list of 65 MP’s who have pleaded President Obama to stop Mangalyaan since it is causing damage to the brand – UPA and Mr. Vadra. Mr. Swamy has urged a CBI probe be conducted to find out the transparency of Mr. Vadra’s land deals. The director of CBI however, has hit back saying, CBI has already issued “anticipatory clean chit” to Mr. Vadra.