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Mangalyaan fails to locate all the states of Northeast India

02, Dec 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

After 3 weeks of Mangalyaan’s launch ISRO received few pictures of Earth, capturing the Indian subcontinent.

Technical glitch or intentional negligence?

“It’s really astonishing to see the pictures of Earth which was beamed back by Mangalyaan. Not even single state of North East is visible in the pictures. While other cities are clearly visible and especially metro cities are pristine clear,” the chairman of ISRO Mr. K Radhakrishnan said, “Still we are trying to figure out the exact reason of missing North East states in the pictures.”

The Mars Orbiter is expected to beam back all the clear pictures of India and Mars planet. But right now it sends only the pictures of India. ISRO scientists are quite confident that it’s not related to technical issue of the Mars Orbiter but may be due to the negligence towards the states of North East.

In response to what do you mean by negligence, he said, “The technology used in Mars Orbiter is kind of Artificial intelligence. The more we give hype to cities/locations/places more it will be clear visible in the pictures. Hype means via News Channels. As we know the states of North East are not getting any attention from Media or even from government the states are getting negligible attention,   so this might be the reason for missing North East states in the pictures which was beamed back by Mangalyaan.”

“Mizoram is my native place. As you know Assembly election is going on, but when you switch on the TV for news you would be astonish to know that elections are going on in 4 states only and not in my state. There is no hype in the News channels for the Mizoram state. Even not a single rally of Major leader Like Narendra Modi or Sonia Ji arranged in Mizoram.  Few days back Gang raped happened in Assam but very less media coverage to it as compared to other cities,” scientist of ISRO fumed because of negligence of North East States.

“I think Mangalyaan justified the quote ‘Joh dikhta hain wohi bikta hain’ and it also justified our new technology Artificial intelligence. More you get hype, more it will be noticed. In pictures, there is one small group of people is visible. When we analyzed the picture properly, we came to know that small group of is nothing but lakhs of people attending Narendra Modi’s rally in somewhere in Bhopal”, another ISRO scientist told to Fakingnews.