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Management motivates employees by saying "Tum mujhe code do, mein tumhe azaadi dunga"

31, Oct 2014 By averna

Bangalore: After several unsuccessful attempts of applying for leave by employees of a popular s oftware company, the frustrated employees decided to bring up the matter to the management’s notice in their next management meeting.

The management was not surprised by the pleas of the employees, infact manager Mr. Shiv Goyal took this opportunity to motivate people with a hour long speech which ended with “Tum mujhe code do, mein tumhe azaadi dunga.”

The management has also decided to print the slogans on T-Shirt and gift it to all employees. Mr.Goyal told Faking News, “It was good that employees brought up the discussion in the meeting, the result was a highly motivated group of people, we have decided to gift employees with the slogan on T-shirt so as to remind themselves next time they apply for leave”.

Faking news asked Mr.Champak Reddy (name changed), who has been working since 3 years in the same company about how motivated were they, Mr.Reddy said “This is not something new , Managers say the same thing when we apply for leave each time ,that is to finish the work and then take leave “, baffled by the response we asked why were they then cheering and seemed excited during the speech, Mr.Reddy said “It was lunch time, we were all hungry, if we had not seemed excited ,Mr.Goyal would have continued for another hour”.