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Man with no plans for new year's eve hospitalized after 500 friends ask him of his plans

01, Jan 2016 By dtrancemaniac

In a terrorizing incident, considered more atrocious than statements on rape by the Samajwadi Party leaders in the country, Mr. Gadaha Prasad, a gregarious man who recently relocated to Mumbai suburbs, was hospitalized on the last day of the year 2015, after around 500 of his friends from his hometown and other parts in the country asked him of his plans for new year’s eve.

Mr. Gadaha Prasad in the hospital
Mr. Gadaha Prasad in the hospital

Dr. Om Gupta (D.O.G.) has been treating him since the past two days. “I myself have gone through this embarrassing phase in the past when my friends asked me of my plans for new year’s eve because I never have always been a party animal in nature. But the frequency of the times I was asked every year used to be 20-30. Mr. Prasad said he was asked 500 times, and trust me it’s a lot! He could have been dead by now, but thankfully he’s only in a state of coma,” informed Dr. Gupta to our FN reporter.

Mr. Gadaha Prasad is a native of Varanasi who was recently relocated to Mumbai by the HR department of his MNC company. He has been an avid party goer since he got into an engineering college. Over the years, he was known to be the limelight of every party he attended. But it couldn’t happen this year because he did not have any friends in Mumbai and did not get holidays to party with his friends in other cities.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has invited Mr. Prasad to attend next year’s new year’s eve party in Delhi, citing references of his development and warmth in his home state.

After being aware of the incident, Mr. Prasad’s handful of friends from the country took a flight to Mumbai and bought a 5.1 sound system to mount in his hospital room. All of them had a gala time in the new year as they celebrated it in the hospital itself. The mundane environment in the hospital suddenly turned EDMish. However, Mr. Prasad didn’t show any signs of improvement.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sent his heartfelt wishes for Mr. Prasad’s recovery.