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Man upset of not being filmed during dinner in a wedding, attempts suicide

07, May 2015 By pawanaligarh

Ajay Singh, a resident of Aligarh attempted suicide after returning from the marriage of a close friend when he was not filmed by the photographer during the reception party.

“See, everyone, even their backs are photographed, but me!”- points out Ajay Singh, showing a photograph of the wedding

21 years old Ajay Singh, who was hurt emotionally of not being filmed by the photographer in the wedding reception of his friend, attempted suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan of his bedroom. However, his wife reached at right time and prevented him from hanging himself. He was then admitted to City hospital by his family.

After being asked, Ajay said,” For the first time ever, I was totally ignored by the photographer while I was eating Rasgulla at the reception party of one of my friend’s marriage. I was deeply hurt by such a rude behaviour of him, after which, I was not able to control my emotions and I decided to end my life.”

”Although he was severely injured in the act, he is now fine and would be soon discharged from the hospital” said the doctors.