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Man untangles his earphones in less than 10 seconds, sets new world record

19, Dec 2013 By iamgreat

Hyderabad. A 23 year old techie Chaitu(name not changed, because he is a showoff) had set a new world record by untangling his headphones in less than 10 seconds. Expert claim breaking that record is almost as impossible as to find someone who either didn’t cry during Sachin’s retirement speech or those who liked R Rajkumar movie and even as impossible as Arnab Goswamy speaking in low voice and taking meaningful topics in his news hour and talking some sense.

Most difficult thing?
Most difficult thing?

While FN tried to contact Chaitu, who is a celebrity now, was not available to talk to us(insiders claim even he wasn’t sure how he was able to do that). But his friend Pradeep and who is a live witness of this stupendous act was available to talk to FN. “What Chaitu did was humanly impossible, he just took the headphones out of his pocket and untangled them within seconds, that was all magic” said Pradeep wiping tears of his moist eyes.

While FN managed to catch up with an expert Pavan, he said “all these days I scaled the challenges the humanity ever faced on 1 to untangling the headphones. A part of me used to die everytime when my kids used to ask me to untangle their headphones. But now I can live with peace and hope”. Reports even claim that after this miraculous incident, atheists started believing in god as there is a glimpse of hope in their lives which is to achieve this impossible act.

While wishes started to pour from all over the world, even demigod’s like Rajinikanth and Chuck Norris made it a point to wish Chaitu. Rajinikanth reportedly opened a new twitter account and tweeted “even I couldn’t have done that, not even in my movies”. While Chuck Norris called and congratulated Chaitu and asked him to join their league of IMPOSSIBLERS (the movie which he is planning in completion to AVENGERS). Insiders claim Sunny Deol is keen to add this scene in his upcoming movie(if any) and wants to prove a point to people that his “dhai kilo ka hath” is still active and functioning.