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Man traveling from Hyderabad to Bangalore by Volvo bus reaches safely, relatives call it a miracle

06, Jan 2014 By raghaone

In what we call as the most surprising event, a volvo bus owned by “No-Return travels”, traveling from Hyderabad to Bangalore reached safely without a scratch. People who had come to Bangalore bus stop were happy to receive them all safe and sound.

Volvo Bus
Luxurious way to risk your life.

When asked one of the passengers said “Man, It was an amazing journey. Before I got into the bus, I had called up my insurance agent to check with him about the coverage and the amount that will go to my family in case I don’t reach Bangalore. I feel happy to be alive today. The driver was very active, not sober at all.”

Then we saw this Iyer family who said , “We wanted to take the train. However, as it was an emergency, we had to opt for this Bus. I am so happy that we reached safely. You see this (Points to the Lemon and Chilli tied to the bumper), that has saved all the passengers in this bus.”

An MBA intern expressed, “I am so happy. This bus is nice, ride was nice. Everything was nice. Driver was very cooperative. He made sure that the journey was safe. I even prayed to Lord Balaji that I will offer my hair if I reach Bangalore safely. Now that I am safe, I will be taking another bus to Tirupathi so I can shave my head and come back to join my first job.”

Finally this young software engineer who looked very happy told us, “Man, I’ve been through a love failure. The girl I loved the most broke up with me. I felt like a loser and wanted to commit suicide. After looking at the number of bus accidents, I thought taking this bus would be the best solution to have a peaceful death. However, by god’s grace, I found this pretty girl (Points to a good looking girl), who was sitting next to me. She changed my life. She is the girl I always wanted to get married to. I will show her to my parents and get married to her. She is my lucky charm who saved my life and all others traveling in the bus.”