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Man thanks KTR after regaining lost memory while traveling on Hyderabad potholes

27, Sep 2016 By HyderabadiPagalPatrakar

Hyderabad: Ramesh, a 28 year old farmer from Warangal district of Telangana, lost his memory in Feb 2016 while he was working in his farm. He was treated at major hospitals in Hyderabad but doctors weren’t successful in restoring his memory. On 25 Sept 2016, as a last attempt, his friend Suresh, a software engineer from Hyderabad, took him to a private hospital in Jubilee Hills area of Hyderabad. After checking medical reports, the doctor asked them to give up hopes and accept the sad reality.

KTR thanking people for appreciating his effort
KTR thanking people for appreciating his effort

Disappointed Ramesh & Suresh took a cab back to Secunderabad railway station. As the ride was bumpy due to Hyderabad roads potholes, Ramesh’s head was constantly hitting the driver’s seat. By the time the cab reached Begumpet flyover, Ramesh miraculously regained his memory after the 2 hour long cab ride. First thing he saw after regaining his memory was CM KCR’s poster promising “Golden Telangana” and he started screaming “KCR Zindabad”. Delighted Suresh quickly corrected him that he should specifically thank KTR, minister for Municipal Administration & Urban Development, as he is personally handling development works in Hyderabad.

Speaking to our reporter Hyderabadi Pagal Patrakar, Suresh said, “KTR had promised to make Hyderabad a Global City in GHMC elections 7 months ago. And after winning the elections with full majority he has truly delivered on world class potholes. Even I myself was struggling with back pain for last 2 years and after traveling on Hyderabad roads potholes I completely recovered from pain. (Off the record, Ramesh confessed that many of his colleagues who were fine before are now suffering from back pain due to the roads potholes)

We tried to get comments from Ramesh but he was busy celebrating dancing to the tunes of famous Telangana folk song after drinking toddy.