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Man takes photo of onions, for the next generations to see once they are extinct

01, Nov 2013 By Ajish Mohan

Daboo Ratnani,the leading photographer in India who is known for taking photos of hot actors has his lenses on the new hottie of the town, the onions.

Kal ho na ho.
Kal ho na ho.

At first he decided to take a picture of an actress holding the onions. So he approached leading actresses of Bollywood. After hearing their remuneration he realized that he can’t afford both the onions and the actress, so he dropped the idea.

When contacted by faking news journalists, Daboo said, “I saw Jurassic park thrice this month and I feel amused by the way that people are still trying to configure how the looked.”

“I saw a dream couple of days ago of a time when the onions became extinct. Everybody was trying to figure out how this ancient food actually looked like. I don’t want such a situation to occur so I am taking a picture of these onions, frame it and keep it in a museum with a note under it that says, ‘This is onion, the food people ate in the 21st century or earned for.’

We sincerely hope that the onions don’t become a reason for the extinction of human beings.