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Man surprisingly cured Diabetes after traveling in a city bus for a month: Now challenges Ram Dev Baba on Yoga Postures

06, Sep 2016 By sai abhilash

Hyderabad: Raju Khanna,a local resident of Narayanaguda is working as a receptionist in an MNC at Kondapur. His boss Amutraanandh usually called Mutraanandh by his collegues, because of his diabetic problem, had observed that Raju had become a competitor to him in urinals. When enquired, Raju explained his symptoms of excess peeing, hunger and fatigue. Mutraanandh insisted him to meet a Specialist before someone confer him the title of ‘Mutraanandh 2.0’.

Raju consulted a diabetic specialist, doctor Paripoorna Yoganandha in nearby Multispeciality Hospital. After undergoing all tests which covers Yoganandha’s son and daughter’s tuition fee for the month, Raju was informed that he is diabetic and reason behind his condition is due to lack of exercise and prolonged sitting at work place. Yoganandha said that it is common to be diabetic in World’s Diabetic Capital, Hyderabad and prescribed him Shilpa shetty’s Yoga video CDs as a medication especially emphasizing on Vrikshasana, Veerabadrasana, Trikonasana.

Next day as he was late, he missed his office cab, so he had no other option than to travel in a city bus. So, he went to a place where cool dudes were taking selfies with pigs and stagnant water which he later understood the local bus stop. To his surprise, he saw a bunch of young boys who were hanging on footpath, particularly Bhappa, the local hero, who was inspired by Dipa Karmakar and decided to perform difficult level 9 vault ‘FootPathnova’ like ‘Produnova’ in coming Olympics 2020. Faking News had already helped him in raising money needed for monthly passes for four years as he cannot afford a training coach to learn it (All his pocket money given by parents are invested on his girl friend) and it can be naturally learnt in a running bus.

Inspired by Bhappa’s true story, Raju got an idea that when city bus is helping Bhappa to achieve Olympic level training, why can’t it help him in curing Diabetes? So, he wanted to test his fate with it, so he took 222 K/L Patancheru, one of the crowdiest buses to go to his office. As the bus is running, the crowd increased and he has no place to put his both legs, so he pulled his one of the leg and put in on other leg’s knee and he has to catch hanging rod top his head by both of his hand to make sure he don’t fall when driver brakes. This became Vrikshasana-Treepose. As expected, driver has given a smooth brake that Raju has to stretch his both hand forward along the road and to balance his body he raised one of his leg back. This becomes veerabadrasana- Warrior posture. Suddenly, purse from the pocket was slipped, he stopped the purse with leg and stretched one hand to take it, this becomes Trikonasana.

In a time span of one hour, unknowingly he performed hundreds of postures even Ram Dev Baba hasn’t known. Everyday he traveled twice in a city bus for about one month, after which his blood sugar level came to normal. Now Raju challenges Ramdev Baba that he can do more Yoga Asanas than he.

After reading article about Raju in Faking news, Chief Minister KCR appreciated bus driver’s driving skill and his commitment towards passenger’s health and promised to plant trees inside bus to create more convenient environment for yoga lovers and add more footpaths to morally support Bhappa and called all people to take inspiration from Raju and Bhappa and travel in city buses.

Telangana Road Transport minister P. Mahender Reddy announced IPO (Initial Public Offering) in TSRTC city bus, mean while Pantanjali company share price has been crashed to 40 percent. Ramdev Baba reacted that he would approach Modi cabinet for Justice.