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Man sues astrologer for not warning on note ban

27, Nov 2016 By none

Bangalore: As per recent news, a man has sued an astrologer for not warning him on imminent demonetization. Rajasekhar, 46, a BSNL employee, has sued his family astrologer, Rangachari, 55, both are residents of Channasandra area of East Bangalore.

According to the man, he visited the astrologer on Nov 7, 2016 for guidance on his fortunes. The expert had reportedly said all was hunky-dory. The expert also advised him to buy a particular under-construction flat facing East for rapid gain within 3 months when Venus transits his birth rashi. Following Rangachari’s advice, Rajasekhar borrowed Rs. 35 lakh, all in Rs. 1000 denomination, from a private moneylender and decided to invest the money on Nov 9, which was an auspicious day.

Finding the future implications of demonetization.
Finding the future implications of demonetization.

However, on the fateful night of Nov 8th demonetization struck, having Rajasekhar stuck with mountain of debt because the lender refused to take the old cash back. The lender insisted that the borrower paid all the money in new currency.

“The only grace was the Marwari allowed me a grace period till Dec 30. He was kind enough to suggest me ways like depositing 2.5 lakh rupees per family member in bank account and standing in line for Rs. 4000 exchange every day, which offer also expired today!” says exasperated Rajasekhar. “Even a fool could understand that people standing in line for exchange were standing for a local politician’s money – some for exchange and some for making sure people feel bitter about this whole demonetization. I am a middle class man. How can I compete with big, professional network of note-exchange?”

Then standing in the line, Rajasekhar met his lawyer and realized this was all a professional mistake of the astrologer and he has filed a case in Hosakote court against him. His lawyer Doddappa explained: “See, my esteemed client approached the astrologer and specifically asked about financial guidance. According to Bhrugu Samhithe, he inquired about short term prospects of his fourth, tenth and eleventh sthaanas of his horoscope! Either the astrologer has hidden the impending massive loss or the astrologer is not qualified enough to guide or misguide people.”

Rajasekhar puts is in simpler words: “He is a cheat! He knows my horoscope, lines on my palm, forehead and what not! Couldn’t he warn me about an elephant rushing to me within just 24 hours?”

The astrologer was also a worried lot. With two degrees in astrology and a few publications on his name, he has a big name to keep. “See, such things are difficult to predict. When he showed his horoscope, he hadn’t shown the moneylender’s and Narendra Modi’s” he explained. “Ultimately, jyotiSha says raajaa kaalasya kaaraNam – king is the cause of time. So predicting impact of government’s action on a man is beyond the knowledge I represent!” Our correspondent countered him with the argument that the quote belongs to Chanakya and not to Bhrigu. The astrologer got disturbed at this point and threatened to unleash a few thousand jaap of Rahu behind Faking News.

However, we took the opportunity to ask Rangachari about his opinion of demonetization. He was also very unhappy about the step. “It isn’t demonetization, it is demonitization! See, all our business works on cash. Where am I going to dump all these 500’s and 1000’s? Our jeweler friends are also in the same train! All these expensive rings and yantras! Where are we going to go with the cash? The government should have shared the information at least with us. See, now we are in a bad shape. We can’t even stand in the line and exchange in the cash without admitting that we couldn’t see it coming!”