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Man sticking to his new year resolution for longer than usual to get featured in special episode of 'Believe it or not'

05, Jan 2016 By sameer mahawar

Bangalore: The New Year Resolution that was supposed to be end by day three of the New Year was carried forward to day four by a city based techie Sravan Setty, who claims himself to be the first man in independent India to do so and has requested special coverage from infamous show “Believe it or not”, English version of Irfan Khan’s “Mano ya Na Mano”.

The unusual behaviour of sticking to one’s resolution on fourth consecutive day was reported on Monday when Sravan was getting ready to hit the gym early morning.

On the fourth day. Taking selfie to get featured in news papers
On the fourth day. Taking selfie to get featured in news papers

Sravan’s mother was the first eye-witness to this preternatural event and was available for comments. “I have seen him joining the gym on 1st January every year and leaving it by 3rd day itself. But this time he went to gym even on day four. Even Sharmaji’s son can’t keep his resolution for more than three days, then who the hell in the world is my son to break his (Sharmaji’s Son) record” said worried mother.

The Gym instructor was also amongst those people who were taken by surprise due to Sravan’s move. He said, “Like everybody, Sravan also paid six month fees in advance but unlike everybody he came on day four for workout which is quite surprising. Others do come but just to have steam bath so that they could recover some portion of the fees they have paid which is now a sunk cost for them”.

Data analytic firm ‘Chimpanzie & Co.’ has said that they were studying Sravan’s new year resolution pattern since last eight years and he couldn’t stick to them for more than three days in each year. It seems this is being done to achieve the unaccomplished targets which were set in earlier years.

On the other hand Sravan’s friends are saying that he is still in 31st night hangover due to which he is behaving abnormally.

Meanwhile the director of the show “Believe it or not” has accepted Sravan’s request and would be casting him in a special episode along with other near to extinct species that follow their new year resolutions.