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Man shows respect to woman in UP, hanged from the tree

16, Jun 2014 By praveen900

In a bone chilling incident yesterday in Meerut (UP,) a man aged 34 did not take advantage of a helpless women at 11pm. Later his body was found hanging from a tree.

The women, Pinky Sharma, was waiting for a cab at 11pm after coming out of the theater. She was waiting for 15 minutes in a lonely street when the victim Ajay (name changed) saw her. He gave a ride to her and dropped her home safely.

When his mates got to know about this shameful incident, they could not control their anger and beat him to death. To make an example of such miscreants, his body was then hanged from the tree.

“Such men bring shame to whole male community in UP, we have no regret of what we did” said one of the accused who talked exclusively to Faking News though Police is yet to file a case against him.