Friday, 23rd February, 2018

Man shared with #Respect, #TrueLegend on FB gets respected in real life too

01, Feb 2014 By chaitu

Bangalore: Lakhan Lokhandwala, even known as meter pe bees (20) rupay wala, an auto driver who is a famous personality and true legend, had shared his story exclusively with FN, story which made him a living legend. Once Lakhan traveled a passenger from M.G Road to Indira Nagar, which is hardly 5kms, and his genuinely working meter showed the amount as 199 rupees. While the customer gave him 200 rupees and was walking away, Lakhan called him back to return one rupee.

After getting 1 rupee back from an auto driver, the passenger was reported to have suffered from a massive heart attack was soon rushed to hospital by Lakhan (later Lakhan charged that amount to take him to hospital from passenger’s family). For his timely response and sincerity and his genuinely working meter, Lakhan soon became an internet phenomenon. This beautiful inspiring story was liked by more 1 million people and shared by 21987 people FB with #Respect, #Legend tags.

Soon Lakhan is planning to upload a pic of him which says “Thanks for 100K likes”.

When people came across Lakhan on the streets started to recognize him instantly and started respecting him in real life too. Few of them were reportedly doing shashtang pranam in front of Lakhan to pay tribute to this living legend. People were fighting to get into his auto and FN tried to talk to one such lucky passenger who got into his auto after an intense fight. His reactions were “Ever since I came across his pic in FB, I’ve always dreamt of getting into his auto. Lakhan is one such proof to show that God exists. I never thought a bus conductor or an auto driver would return change but he does. He is a true legend”.

Lakhan is an avid fan of Sallu Bhai and also has Sallu’s pic from Tere Naam at the back of his auto. He attributes all this fame to Sallu Bhai and says Jai Ho movie had changed him to help people. When the passengers thanked him, he asks them not to thank him but to watch Jai Ho movie with 3 people and those 3 people should tell other 3 people to watch Jai Ho movie with 3 people and this should go on until human species becomes extinct.