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Man refuses to kiss newborn daughter to prove Sigmund Freud wrong

04, Jun 2014 By dhumchick

In a bizarre incident which came to light yesterday evening at a Bangalore hospital – a man reportedly refused to kiss his newborn daughter as he wanted to prove the freudian theory wrong.

“His hands were trembling with joy, tears trickling down the eyes but he stopped just millimeters short of kissing her,”  a nurse speaking on the condition of anonymity told us. His wife was confused as were his parents.

When they asked him as to what was wrong, the man started on a monologue using terms like id, ego, super ego, infantile sexuality etc. which confused his family even more.

Later, when our reporter interviewed him in a secluded spot he explained that as a college grad he was always confused about what Freud wanted to convey. That was the reason he could barely clear his exams in Psychology 101. All he could remember at the end of the course was that the love between a father and a daughter is primarily driven by sexual urges. He totally disagreed with it. He did a lot of research on the internet to find evidence against Freud’s theories but that ended up confusing him even more.

Situation became even more complex as his wife became pregnant. Unable to get clarity on Freudian theories he vowed to himself that in case a daughter were born to him – he would hold back his emotions until and unless he gets his mind cleared of all the confusions and misconceptions. Hence the strange reaction which flummoxed everyone in his family on the arrival of his daughter.

The man refused to divulge any more details.