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Man puts up Facebook status not concerned with Sachin, gets unfriended and banned

15, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai:¬†Little did Arjun Bhosale contemplate about this, but on Thursday evening when he returned home after a long and tiring day, he updated his Facebook status to ‘Govt should ban cars on Mumbai streets. So much traffic !’

Sachincredible statuses.

After an hour or so, when he logged in to check the likes on his status, he was shattered to find none. After further research, he found that he was unfriended by everyone he knew!

A while later, after gaining consciousness, he tried logging in again, but in vain. His account was not accessible any more. The damage was done. His sorrow knew no bounds.

When his friend Amar Waghmare (name changed on request) was asked about it, he said, “How could a man, a Mumbaikar moreover, put up a status not concerned with Sachin! When the whole world is watching, talking, tweeting, BBMing about him, how dare him put something so irrelevant? He deserved it.”

We tried to contact the Facebook headquarters in California. They were accessible for comment only late Thursday night saying, “This is a new validation that we have included to commemorate this special day to the Master. In his memory, we also will also be launching a new game called ‘Face-book-cricket'”.