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Man proposes to his girlfriend with an onion ring

16, Aug 2013 By mukund0511

In a bizarre incident last evening, Hira Lal, a Delhi-based businessman proposed marriage to his girlfriend by gifting her an onion ring bought at Pizza Hut.

Interesting side effects of inflation.
Interesting side effects of inflation.

A spokesperson from Pizza Hut confirmed the development. “A man walked into our Connaught Place branch yesterday, and paid for a personalized, made-to-order onion ring to propose to his girlfriend.”

On why onion and not gold, Lal said, “I was only following the Hon’ble Finance Minister’s advice to the citizens not to buy gold. Thankfully, even as I was exploring alternative options for proposing to my ladylove, onion prices sky-rocketed this past week – a feat which both gold and diamond have never achieved in such a short span. As far as investments go, Onion is the new poor man’s gold.”

Taking a cue from him, hundreds of love-struck Delhi youths have flooded Pizza Hut branches across NCR with similar onion-ring requests since yesterday.

The opposition was quick to slam the Government for its faulty economic policy. In his I-Day address delivered from Bhuj, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi blamed the UPA Government for rising prices. “Yesterday, dollar value reached Finance Minister’s age. Today, onion rates have reached Prime Minister’s age (82). Mitron, you are smart enough to know what to do next year to get onion prices back to Rs. 62,” he thundered from the dais.

Aam Aadmi Party Leader, Arvind Kejriwal took a swipe at the Congress’ first family. “Thanks to this Government’s efforts, Onions will become an attractive investment option in the days to come. I would urge people with shrewd business acumen like Mr. Vadra to stop focusing on the less lucrative real estate and land deals, and start investing in onions. At least the Khemkas of the world can then live in peace,” Kejriwal quipped.

In a press conference held later in the day, Congress spokesperson Raj Babbar wondered what this hue and cry was all about when “one kg of onions was widely available in Mumbai at Rs. 12/-.”

He accused the BJP of resorting to “cheap politics”, to which a senior BJP leader, on conditions of anonymity, replied, “We have at least made something in this country cheap. What has the Congress done about petrol, diesel or onions?”