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Man prepares Maggi in 2 minutes, gets Bharat Ratna

19, Dec 2012 By Chinmay

Faking News today received a rather shocking story which has left all of the Maggi eating population of India flabbergasted. We today learnt that a certain Mr. Siddharth Raju, who is a final year engineering student, prepared maggi within “two minutes”.

This news has spread like a wildfire among all Maggi eating public and discussions were seen at various engineering colleges and other public places where people debated  how can someone prepare Maggi in two minutes, which was till date thought to be impossible.

Engineering students were reported having heated discussions with their lecturers and HODs on the possiblity of such incidents. Some engineering students even gherao-ed  the canteen walah demanding the Maggi to be supplied in two minutes or else the Maggi  be given free, while some nerdy engineering students even conducted experiments in the Chemistry lab to understand what kind of Exothermic reactions that must have taken place for Maggi to be prepared in two minutes.

Within two minutes, we contacted Siddharth who said that his 4 year long ambition was full filled with the completion of this “project”. When asked what was the inspiration behind this project, he said, that in First Year a lecturer ridiculed him as useless and not even worth “two minutes” of his time.

This criticism was the sole inspiration for him to prepare a product which could be made in two minutes. The only product that “could be made in two minutes” was Maggi and thus he spent 4 years of his engineering life to prepare for this day. While Siddharth was happy, his parents were relieved that the extra burden of 60 Maggi packets per month on their budget would be reduced.

When contacted Nestle, the official refused to accept Siddharth’s claim saying their own experts have failed to prepare Maggi in two minutes and that  the two minute Maggi tagline was just a marketing gimmick which has continued to fool Indians since 29 years.

Also Rashtrapati Bhavan on behalf of President Of India, announced Bharat Ratna in the field of Social Service for Siddharth  for his undying spirit to overcome this major fault in a tagline which had confused every soul in the Indian society. Rashtrapati Bhavan thanked Siddharth on behalf of the former President of India, Mrs. Patil, who they say spent most of her 5 years as president in the kitchen of Rashtrapati Bhavan fine tuning her recipes which also included making Maggi in two minutes.