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Man practicing deep thinking to get recruited in Think Tank

15, Jan 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Mumbai: A Middle-aged man from Mumbai is practicing deep thinking to get himself recruited in Think Tank of India. He was interviewed by many news outlets after his series of “deep thinking tweets” went viral on social media. He said, “Yes, I want to be one of Think Tankers. I am practicing this deep thinking so that I could be part of Think Tank. Deep thinking is hard procedure. It requires constant efforts. You may get lost in web of thoughts in earlier stages. Think tanking is really layered thing.”

"Thinking and thinking.. Beyoung one can even Think"
“Thinking and thinking.. Beyoung one can even Think”

When asked about which particular Think Tank he wants to join, he replied, “It is beyond my will. My job is deep thinking. Any Think Tank requires person who can think, depth wise. It is like swimming in deep sea. The ability to swim in deep sea is important. Name of the ocean is not of substantial importance.” The thinking enthusiast then unstoppably talked about depth of sea and types of fishes, skin-dipping, white and blue whales, scuba diving -for about two hours.

Our reported asked the deep thinker about demonetisation. He commented, “Money is illusion. We should not think about it too much. It’s only physical manifestation of upper level thinking. Deep thinkers call money mere state of mind.”

Our reporter also talked to the wife of thinking legend, who seemed slightly irritated. She irksomely told us, “It all started when I asked him to take our ten years old son to swimming class. He totally changed after watching water in swimming Tank. He suddenly started talking about deep water philosophy and tweeted some thoughts. Unexpectedly he gathered attention on social media and became thinking phenomenon and then many news outlets interviewed him.”