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Man pips treasure hunters, manages to find a Music CD advertised by an Alcohol company

15, Feb 2017 By dsarcasticmouth

Remember those advertisements which stated the universal truth- Men will be men? Or you should make it large? Obviously you do. But do you remember what was the product they sold? You are wrong- MUSIC CDs! Guess they spent crores on advertising but not on their distribution channels *burp*. Yes, we understand most of you have not been to a music store. Thanks to all those Pakistani sites for the free music. But still, have you even seen their music CDs?

The advertisement for "Music CD"
The advertisement for “Music CD”

In a discovery which would put Indiana Jones & Nicholas Cage to shame, Jeet (the guy who stays Darr Ke Aage) has found a Music CD sold by Seagram, the brand which sells music CDs and other stuff which is the reason for half the Gujarat ending up in Daman each weekend. Found in the bylanes of a busy South Bombay street, the CD had gone unnoticed for years despite being displayed right on the shelf of the store. It was a third CD the shopkeeper has sold in the last 5 years! Even we are wondering who were the first two and why did those people not apply to Ripley’s Believe It or Not?!

Jeet elaborates, “I was waiting near this crowded market when I spotted a blue cover shining through a glass window. While I was pretty sure about the name I read on the cover, I was inquisitive about the square shape of the bottle. I rushed into the store to enquire about it. I was pleasantly surprised that they were music CDs. Without second taught, I immediately bought it. This is now my most precious item after my iPhone 7 which nearly cost me my Liver. (His previous iPhone 6S cost him his kidney.)”

Describing this Music CD as a must have in a collector’s set, he now plans to collect a few more stuff which includes club glasses, playing cards and music CDs sold by different brands. However, it is incredibly hard for him to find those items apart from the ads. But currently he has bigger problems at hand – finding a friend with a working music CD player! He mentions no one uses a CD player/DVD player anymore. USB is the way to go. However, he also wonders how would these companies advertise if CDs are no longer used by public like the digicams?